Man is it good to have a fresh start! In case you haven’t figured out, this is my new blog, “underground voices.” So far, this is a secret blog. I have told no one about it. That’s right, I’ve gone underground. Why be conventional anyway?

I guess I’ll say a little bit about myself, but not really. Can’t be giving out too much personal information now that I’m “underground.” Wouldn’t want to get caught by the Mainsream PD. I know, I’m hilarious.

I’m a Christian, have been for a few years, and I want to express my faith in a new way and be real. I’m also a writer, a dreamer, a student, and an idealist.

I’m not the best writer. So far only one literary agent has ever asked me for more material. I don’t write twenty pages every day, in fact, ¬†sometimes I dread the idea of working on my books. I write when I’m depressed, I write when I’m happy, but mostly when I’m depressed. I have written in sickness, health, boredom, and indigestion. TMI, am I right? Sometimes it comes out in passionate spurts. Sometimes I struggle through every word and it all sounds flat. But I try, and at the end of the day, I love it. It’s who I am. Thank God for writing.


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