Going Deeper

As promised, I think it is time for me to begin posting things that are controversial. Ladies, keep your hats on. Gentlemen, try to restrain yourself from making too many of those sexist jokes about women staying in the kitchen and not driving, etc.

Let me start off this post about gender roles by noting that I believe that most women, occasionally, and in passing, wish that they were men. I’m not talking about being lesbian necessarily, I’m just talking about how women have to deal with monthly surprises, childbirth, and “the glass ceiling,” while men over there on the other side of the fence seem to have it easy. There they are grazing on their verdant pastures, doing whatever they want, and no one makes any bones about it. They can work on cars, shoot guns without being judged (except by liberals), fight battles, earn more money than their female counterparts. I am not saying that they have perfect, easy lives, but I guess it seems that way to us hens in the coop at times. 

For those reasons and others, I have a hunch that most men don’t have the same fleeting desires to trade places with the opposite sex. After all, God created Eve from Adam. Men were first, and I think it will always be a “man’s world.”  But please, correct me if I’m wrong about men not usually wanting to be women. These are just my impressions, I’m not necessarily correct. 

In the Biblical times, women were entirely under the thumbs of men, from fathers to husbands, and so it remained for centuries. They had to marry to sustain themselves, or become prostitutes. The way I understand it, there weren’t very many other options. And God didn’t really do anything about it. In the writings of Paul, women were charged to be quiet and modest. Whether this applied to the church or everything else, I’m not exactly sure. 

Now, of course, things are entirely different. Women can do almost anything they want. There’s always the fact that men are generally stronger, and a little smarter (or at least think they are), but women compete, and very often succeed. And still, the glass ceiling remains, thinner but still existent, and the age-old resentment lingers.Image I myself am not a crazy feminist. I like things the way they are now. If I ever feel oppressed, I don’t blame society, I blame God for making me the way I am, and then He tells me to shut up and trust Him, like He has every right to.

I understand the resentment of women and why they began their movement towards autonomy a long time ago. Sometimes I wonder if God approved of our usurping power, but at the same time I believe it may have only been natural for us to want more. Why did God give us the same kinds of talents as men if we were not expected to use them? Aren’t we capable of greater things than domestic work. I think so… I myself aspire to be a writer. That would have been a ridiculous pipe dream back in the day, but now I can do it. 

So to conclude, I must say that I’m a little torn. I want to go out there and make my mark on the world, but I also don’t want to be all pushy and have men hate me. I’d rather put myself in my place than have a man do it. I want to have a good career, but I don’t want to go against God’s wishes!


One comment on “Going Deeper

  1. Elise says:

    So true. I can’t tell you how much that sounds like something I would have written a few years ago. I have always struggled with the feminine (Christian) role vs. being a total tomboy. I can only say I am more at peace now.

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