The other day while walking in my apartment complex, I heard the disturbing screams of a man clearly in anguish. And I think the whole building heard it as well. He thundered out a “why!” and it just kind of echoed in the courtyard, hanging there because he wasn’t the only one thinking it. Then he yelled things I don’t care to repeat. Surprised and a moderately mortified, we asked a neighbor sitting in the lounge about it, since we are new to the building. She explained that the guy is “slow” and lives with his parents. He does it from time to time. Weird, but you know, no big deal… right? 

Naturally, people worry about the noise. What if he does it at night? A logical concern, to be sure. But I can’t help worrying about him personally, hoping he will get help. A reminder that there are so many lost souls out there. Most people try to put on a brave face, but that doesn’t change the fact that there are so many struggles in the world. Why do I worry about trivial things? That is a a question many people ask themselves, while secretly wondering if their domestic issues are not so important. But truly, I have to constantly stop and remind myself that nothing traumatic is happening to me outside of my imagination (for now at least). Yet all around me, people are being oppressed  and told vicious lies by the devil. If only Jesus was here to heal the sick and preach to the masses! Oh wait, He kind of is…


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