Movie Review- Lee Daniel’s The Butler

A charming, informative, intriguing day trip through the decades and the Civil Rights movement. The acting was excellent, I didn’t know Oprah had it in her, and the writing was decent, although I did find it hard to believe that Cecil ended up influencing presidents and walking in on all of the most important discussions. But those quirks made the movie interesting, so I respect that.

The lighthearted racial banter was funny, and the intense scenes, moving. I don’t think I was ever madder at the KKK in my whole life than when I saw the Freedom rider bus scene. I did like the director’s style, how he juxtaposed Celcil’s peaceful career in service with Louis’ struggle to receive service from an angry Southern society. And another great thing about this movie was the characterization. The presidents and the servants alike were heroes, but weren’t always heroic. They were people first, and that’s something to be appreciated.

Throughout the movie, the ideology war between the “Uncle Tom’s” and the modern blacks was prevalent. Both had their points. The Uncle Tom’s slowly chiseled away resentment with their hard work and non threatening attitude. But the protestors were only demanding rights that all American citizens deserved, and often did so in nonviolent ways. They were achieving progress faster.

I wonder what kind of person I would have been in such a situation. An Uncle Tom? A protestor? A belligerent, dare I suggest? I hope not, but one must try to understand that years of pain caused the belligerence.

Well, hope we can all just get along, and at least the racism seems to have gotten much better. But commenters, feel free to tell me otherwise 😉


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