Thoughts upon watching The Matrix

Yesterday, I finally watched The Matrix. I do like sci-fi movies if they have gripping, original concepts that take me to another world, or better yet, another version of this world. I don’t particularly like it when giant, uninspired machine-organism-things terrorize Los Angeles and other major cities, like they have been accustomed to doing lately, to the tune of some dub step. Is it just me or are there several movies like I just described? It probably just seems like it.

Anyway, this was a well-done film, but I’m sure you’ve probably already seen it, so I’ll skip to the meat and potatoes. And if you haven’t see it, then you’d better close out this screen. DO IT NOW, or you’ll see something you’ll regret!

I was saddened to think that Hollywood imagined a world where we were literally enslaved to machines. I was saddened because there is some truth to it. What part of my life isn’t tied to computers? Writing- computer. Reading- sometimes on my tablet. Work- can I get a COMPUTER, recreation- TV… computer, Devotion- computer, Talking to my friends- as of now, exclusively through my phone… iPhone, and even getting around (my car has, you guessed it, a friggen computer!)

I truly doubt that we will ever be literally enslaved to machines. But if there was any indication of it in Revelation, I would be fear mongering right at this moment. 

Yet do we need to be harvested by computers to be controlled by them? Isn’t it bad enough that we rely on computers for everything and sell our souls to the media? 

I’m not going to be enslaved by machines. Better yet, I’m not going to be enslaved by man. Which is really the same token. We all must be a slave to something, whether we believe it or not, but I’d rather be a slave to God. At least He knows what’s good for me. 

Did you hear that, Mr. iMac? You’re working for me, not the other way around.

If you’re convinced that I’ve lost my mind, please, check out my next post on the zombie apocalypse and my take. 

Just kidding… I don’t believe in zombies.





2 comments on “Thoughts upon watching The Matrix

  1. Peter says:

    Your takeaway was the machine enslavement part, not that there are different realities all around you right now, and you don’t even know it?

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