Embarrassing Memories and Awkward Moments with TRL Part 2

Top Awkward Moments That Should Make You Feel Better About Yourself:

1. Crying and being hysterical in class
2. Accidentally making an inappropriate comment to someone else’s boyfriend
3. Having mascara smeared on your face, and no one told you ( I never bought non water proof again)
4. Accidentally making a racist comment to a teacher
5. Tripping on a crack in the sidewalk while running away from a creepy senior
6. Passing gas…
7. Blood on the pants
8. Talking in a really shrill, scary voice upon meeting someone
9. Telling someone they had a “good figure” to make them feel better about their weight
10. Having your shirt buttoned wrong while on stage

Not sure if these a the correct order, but you get the point! High school was weird for me. Hope you are feeling better about yourself. What’d I learn from all this? That I’m a screw up, mainly, and to be VERY careful with my words. God help me, I hope my list after I finish college won’t be so bad. I hope to be a respectable, righteous person at some point in my life.


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