I Once Had Geese


A while ago, I had some baby geese and ducks. I was really excited about the whole thing and was eager to train them and teach the geese to fly, somehow. But probably not the way the girl did it in the charming film “Fly Away Home.”

I thought it would be a good idea to make bird noises so maybe they would think I was their mother. It was pretty embarrassing. I would go “chirp, chirp, CHIRP!” And what do you know? It actually worked. They would follow me wherever I went, as if under some kind of spell.

For a couple glorious days, I was on top of the world with my trained birds. I thought the possibilities were endless with my winged friends. I was  going to be a mommy!

Then they just stopped following me. It was like they couldn’t even hear my voice. I was so frustrated with them- didn’t they know that I had been feeding them?

I later figured out that in order to truly train geese, having them think you are their “mother,” you must be the first thing they see when they are born. It’s “imprinting.” My geese were born in a hatchery. The first think they saw was probably fluorescent lighting.

Considering this anecdote, that I wanted these geese to follow me, why don’t we think that God wants us to respect Him? I did not create the geese, and I am not infinitely greater than them, but God did create us, and He is infinitely greater than us! In that case, why do we think that He doesn’t want acknowledgement? Why do we fancy that people who reject Him will be spared by Him? And why wouldn’t He know what is best for us, since He created us?


3 comments on “I Once Had Geese

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  2. remso says:

    As you might have gathered from my blog site, we are doing The Story, at my church. This is the first week, and in smaller groups anything in first 11 chapters is fair game. As I read about the imprinting aspect of your geese, I thought about Adam. What an advantage he had, and then tossed away. The sudden realization of how badly his selfishness had blown his relationship with God. Then I found myself thinking about us, and what were we imprinted with. Perhaps this says much about how we train up our children, but I can also see other aspects to this. Could we have in anyway been re-imprinted?

    • What an interesting connection! I never thought of it in terms of Adam specifically. I think you may be alluding to the question of what dominates us, “human nature” or the fact that we are made in God’s image. How can selfishness and devotion coexist? Great food for thought.

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