The Problem with Words

The Problem with Christianity is that its true essence cannot effectively be described in words much of the time. God was able to express Himself in the Bible, but we are not so superior like Him. When I read some parts of the Bible, I feel something, either a deep comfort or a strong conviction. But the rest of us don’t write so good. Sermons and messages often sound the same. They’re like nicely wrapped packages. The problem is that we keep using the same words, “rhetoric,” as I call it, and they can come out uninspired, boring.

How do you convince someone that they need God? How do you prove that you love your fellow man? By using that word, “love,” that in many contexts, means absolutely nothing? By trying to be courteous- saying please and thank you and excuse me? Bu trying to be a good person?

It takes something more. “More Than Words,” literally, (maybe that’s why I always liked that song by Extreme). And when we use our words we should “season them with salt” (See Collosians 4:6). I think that’s a good place to wrap it up.




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