Wine, Women, and Song of Solomon



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Okay, I just kind of threw the wine in there for fun… But if you’ve read 1 Kings, you would know that women were really the downfall of Solomon. A similar thing happened to Samson, but at least Samson died doing something pretty cool. Solomon seemed pretty disgraced, and the Lord even took away most of his kingdom.

It doesn’t indicate that the fact that Solomon had all those wives was the problem. David, his father, also knew his way around the block, but David was righteous, one of the best specimens of the Bible. So God seemed okay with multiple wives thing, until Solomon started choosing the wrong wives, the bad girls, the “abominations”- foreign women who influenced Solomon and led him to worship other gods.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a little uncomfortable with the polygamy in the Old Testament. How can something that seems so immoral (and is quite frowned upon now even in our more liberal society) be acceptable to God? I don’t know the exact reason. Maybe since God was so close to these men, He could prevent them from being sinful, even with all those wives.

Even though I’m uncomfortable with polygamy in general (which is a good thing, I suppose), I still felt a little bad for Solomon. I never knew that he was disobedient like that, he, an ancestor of Jesus Christ! Did he redeem himself with the Lord? Are they all good now, even though they hit a bit of a rough patch? For my own selfish reasons, I would hope so. We all want to think we can get away with stuff, am I right Christians? Hey, Prodigal son, man. “Gee God, I’m sorry I got hammered and banged all those chicks and went to mosque with the Muslim one. But we’re cool… right?” You know, that kind of weird thing. But now I’ve gotten off topic.

And what about this Song of Solomon business? Did Solomon really write that book (I think there is some debate there). The book that implies the beauty of the one-wife concept? Is that the official place where God changes the rule about marriage, for lack of a better phrase? It is possible that Solomon was the last straw?

God did, after all, create Adam and Eve. Not Adam, Eve, Mary, Stacy…

And if you have so many wives, what are the chances of every single one of them being a wonderful, God-fearing woman?

So yes, the moral of the story is, don’t try to marry more than one woman, even though it’s illegal here in the States and is frowned upon anyway. Yes, I am glad I was able to impart some useful wisdom. Oh, and don’t worry too much about why God allowed this and that. The fact is that things have changed, but I’m sure He had a good reason for it all in the first place. After all, those were His anointed men, and He did give them wealth and special privileges that don’t extend to everyone. And now I sound like a spineless moron with no intellectual curiosity. But you know what, I wasn’t there when God laid the foundation of the earth. Who am I to criticize everything? And if I’m a sap for believing in something more than my own intuition, well throw a dunce cap on me and sign me up for reeducation camp.



2 comments on “Wine, Women, and Song of Solomon

  1. Karolina with a K says:

    I have wondered about polygamy in the Bible. I’m a bit confused about some things but I am just studying them out and trying to learn all I can. Interesting post!

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