Philidelphia and Another Cliche that is True

I just read a play for my playwriting class called, “The Philidelphia.” When I first put it down I thought, “what in the world was that?” It seemed so abstract, not to mention a little… ameteurish, dare I say. I got the same feeling after reading it that I do when I see paint splashed on a canvas. 

But then I started thinking about it. You know, with these modern plays you have no idea what you just read until ten minutes later. And then I realized… don’t I often get a sense of the Philidelphia phenomenon in my own life? Doesn’t it seem like the world is bent on giving me the very opposite of what I want sometimes (that’s the premise of the play, if you’ve never read it). 

We’re supposed to live in a world that makes sense, where we can get anything we want as long as we work hard enough, or at least ask for it from a retailer.

But sometimes it doesn’t seem that way. Sometimes it seems that no matter what I do, life throws me lemons, and I try to make lemonade, but, but-

I want to be fit. Yesterday, I tried running. I got a sharp lung pain, and I still can’t do a mile in under 10 minutes (I know, I’m pathetic). I want to meet more people. I can’t seem to find  things to say that aren’t idiotic. I want to have my own life. Then I end up spending more time with my family. I try to be happy, and then I end up thinking about things that make me upset.

Sometimes, I wonder if God doesn’t want me to succeed at certain things. Maybe it’s true. I don’t think that God necessarily wants people to be unsuccessful and miserable. But I think sometimes being deprived of certain things can be spiritually advantageous. Not that we should ignore other people in need because God will take care of them directly, but that we should, as much as I hate to say it, see the “bright side” when it comes to our own struggles. Pain can teach us a lot about ourselves and bring us closer to God.  Ugh, so cliche!




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