Succeeding in Business, Staying Sane




I suppose there is a reason that I never talk about work on this blog… besides my writing, which isn’t actually work. It is because now I don’t have a job, I am just a full-time student. A full time student majoring in economics who aspires to maybe become a lawyer someday. Oh, and pretty soon I’ll be declaring a minor in accounting, so I can become a CPA. Yeah, it’s a little complicated.

When I was accepted into college, I went in as an English major, but quickly changed to econ before classes even started. I did this mainly because I knew it would be easier to fulfill CPA requirements using this major. Surprisingly, economics has been alright so far. I can’t say it’s the most thrilling class I’ve ever taken, but my professor is good, the topic is interesting enough, and I don’t have urges to gouge my eyes out. So I am content.

My managerial accounting class, on the other hand, is a little different. I go to that in the afternoon, and I am always exhausted. I try to follow along, but I just kind of want to lie down and sleep. The professor seems like a nice guy (I even have my suspicions that he is a Christian), but he goes really fast and is hard to follow. I have stopped trying to copy down the words on the powerpoint because it seems hopeless. Yet, I’m not really sure what I should be taking notes on. Not to mention, half the time I don’t know exactly what he’s talking about. So I kind of rely on the book, which is sad. Why am I even in that class? I find myself wondering.

It brings up the important question: do I want to be an accountant? Just hearing about accounting sometimes makes me want to yawn. But maybe I could get into it, maybe I could be good at it. I can add and subtract and do percentages. I don’t want to give up prematurely. I don’t want to spend my whole life looking for something to do that I love and can get paid for. It’s like spending your whole life looking for your knight in shining armor, stressing about it, agonizing, when you had the opportunity to marry your best friend and make the most out of that. Work is work, I tell myself. Just find something to do, and make the most out of it. And I’ll always have writing, which is my one true love. But I can’t spend all my time writing, I’ll just come home to it at night, like it’s my husband (creepy?)

But of course, I still wonder. Was I meant to be a lawyer? An accountant? Is that what God wants from me? If you asked my parents, they would say with absolute certainty that I should be a lawyer. But I don’t know. I guess time will tell. Why worry about the future anyway?


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