A Struggling Servant


I believe in serving God, and others in the process. Isn’t that the whole point of the Bible? In the Old Testament, kings and judges served God and their people. In the New Testament, we are exhorted again and again to serve the hungry and the needy ceaselessly. After all, Jesus himself didn’t sit at meat, he SERVED IT UP and himself, in the most literal way possible. He set a pretty good example.

And then there’s me.

I just don’t understand it. When I try to serve, things always get in the way. Transportation, scheduling, wrong intentions, discouragement from people in my life, logistics… the list goes on and on. I hate to make excuses, and I hate to believe in something that I hardly do. That means that I don’t even believe it.

But why can’t I just go out there and serve? I think it’s so necessary, so important, and yet, and yet…

I just finished emailing a bunch of student organizations for service. But the fact that none of them are religious makes me uneasy. I don’t want to serve a vain and secular cause. But as long as the organization is helping people in need, isn’t that worthwhile for me to do, even if the people around me are serving for a different reason? What do you think, is service pointless without God? Ultimately, I know the answer is yes, but can’t service be a vehicle to higher understanding? And can’t I try to impart some kind of spiritual nugget, convey an essence of God by the way I complete a certain task that will make it worthwhile?

I’m probably just over thinking it. I should just do something. Well, tomorrow, God willing, I’ll be participating in something called a “campus EV” with this Christian organization. I’m banking on EV standing for evangelism. If you have a minute, you can pray that it is successful!

youngleaders.nssga.org (photo)


4 comments on “A Struggling Servant

  1. Dorothy says:

    I think that even if the organization is secular (United Way, Red Cross, local food bank, SPCA, etc.), the fact that you are doing the service to fulfill the teachings of the Bible is a good thing. That way, you can reach out to volunteers and recipients of the service who ask you why you are volunteering. This way you are bringing the Word to more people, too!

  2. aprock7 says:

    I agree with Dorothy. Serving is about the people. No matter how you serve, you are serving as God’s ambassador, and I believe God will use your service to reach those people who do not know Him (or are running from Him). It is important to serve, but don’t forget to seek God and discover what you’re passionate about. Once you do that I think you’ll find more opportunities to serve using that passion, and that’s when God shows Himself. I too use to struggle with trying to serve, but I found that it was because I wasn’t passionate about or gifted in what I was doing. Once I found my passion and God showed me what my gift was I became able to serve wholeheartedly and He did AMAZING things! I’ll keep praying for you and pray that you continue in your search with God. I see great revelations coming from you and God will use your insights and self-reflections to encourage and witness in His Kingdom. God Bless and Keep Up the Writing!!

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad that you found something to be passionate about, that’s such a fulfilling thing. For me, the passion is writing, but I’m open to discovering new exciting things to do as well. I appreciate your thoughtful comment

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