The Mountain Changes You Mang

Okay, so the title was kind of a joke… I went hiking for a few hours, a total of 3+ miles at a local “mountain” nature preserve trail thing. I wish I could dress it up to make me look more hardcore, but I just can’t. I haven’t been hiking in years, and I suppose I don’t have much of a natural propensity for it. Some people were running up and down this mountain, and I probably just looked at them like they were crazy. But I did like the hike, getting out into nature (sort of) with a good friend, in my case, my dad. So I can’t write about how I went on this super intense life-and-death thing, but I feel that it’s still blogworthy.

Easy conversation, awkwardly greeting people going the opposite direction as you (why talking to strangers is such an embarrassing thing for me, I don’t know), the drone of the interstate below…

And you remember, this is a little bit like how it was in the beginning. Before the horses, the buggies, the automobile… this is how kind of how land was traversed. And you get up to the summit, which really isn’t that high, I mean, I’ve been at WAY higher elevations… but you feel like this little mountain, more like a hill, is the highest you’ll ever be, because you’re thirsty and kind of warm, and you remember starting from the bottom, and all the cars and houses down there look so small, and you wonder how you, little old you, could have gotten up so high. And then you go back down, hoping you got just a little closer to God and people and yourself.  


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