Lessons From A Likely Source

One good thing that has been happening recently to me is an increased interest in God’s word. I’m not quite at the point where reading the Word is my absolute favorite thing to do, better than eating donuts, but improvement is always nice.

At times, I appreciate the Word, and the lessons it offers. I am in 2 Chronicles now. But at other times, I still have my doubts. Like, why did God seem to change his mind a lot(2 Chronicles 12, 1 Chronicles 21)? Why did He have to destroy so many people? Why did He divide His own kingdom (Israel, I mean) ?

I thought I would throw these questions in just in case someone has someone has an answer. But that’s okay if no one does- God doesn’t need to justify Himself before me

But here’s the real point of this spiel. 2 Chronicles 16. Asa (a descendent of Solomon, King of Judah) decides to trust Ben-Hedad, another king, instead of the Lord, his true ally. And when he gets sick, he puts his trust in doctors. Not God, who brought his people out of Egypt and established his very throne.

Don’t I do that a lot? Don’t I think I can just eat healthier and take care of myself, and I won’t get sick? Don’t I think I can just get lots of sleep and caffeine, and my mental instability will just control itself? Don’t I often feel like self-medicating for my depression and anxiety?

Don’t I know that God doesn’t need to honor any of my efforts? That I’m mortal, perishable, subject to His will? Shouldn’t I have a little faith, at least the size of a mustard seed?


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