Actually Feeling the Love


I’m very single, but I’m having a pretty good day today. I know that’s such a shock since I seem to complain and lament so much here on WordPress, so you would think that I’m some kind of emo child (which may be true to some extent). I can’t help but wonder why I’m so happy, it feels a little unnatural. I worry that it will come crashing down on me any minute. I almost feel guilty. Maybe it’s the caffeine, or the fact that I got a B on a really hard paper. Maybe it’s because calculus almost made sense to me. Maybe it’s because it’s Friday and I have a three-day weekend coming up. Maybe it’s because someone smiled real big at me today. Maybe it’s because I was given a bandaid when I was bleeding after cutting my finger on a manilla folder. However, I don’t think it’s because a random guy in a “kiss me, I’m desperate” shirt asked me to kiss him (by the way, I couldn’t bring myself to kiss his hand).

Call me crazy, but I feel the love. I guess it just happened to be on a day that card companies designated. I feel loved by God. And I don’t feel as rejected by my fellow man, despite all my quirks and faults. I guess it shouldn’t take a “good” day or especially Valentine’s Day to make me feel loved by God. I should feel loved every day. I can’t imagine why I don’t.

If you didn’t have a good day today, I am truly sorry. Being single can be a real downer. But there’s still tomorrow, right? Whoever you are, I pray that you will feel loved by God too, and hopefully by at least one person out there. 




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