Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

Sometimes I wonder why I care what people think. And then I get dirty looks… and I remember again.

I don’t want to offend people. It’s not necessarily a good thing to offend people. Do you want to be insulted? By the same token, it’s not necessarily a good thing to rebel against society, although it very often is.

But at a certain point, we’ve just got to stop caring. When we’re doing God’s will and wearing pants, why does any of the rest matter?

Here’s a little anecdote that somehow reinforced that point for me. Reader discretion advised.

So I was walking around campus today, and I saw a girl passing out little flyers. Which is usual. But then I heard her start asking people, “Do you know about the vagina monologues? Do you want to know about the vagina monologues?”

You could just tell she was embarrassed. Who wouldn’t be? I’ll bet you a 60-year old feminist who went to Woodstock would be embarrassed to ask strangers if they want to know about the vagina monologues. I feel extremely weird just typing it. 

The point to that weird story is this. I’ve been thinking about starting my own student organization for people who like to get up early and do crazy things for the glory of God. I thought of a group name, possible fundraisers, activities, etc. But I am afraid to take the first steps. I don’t have anyone to start the group with, and I’m afraid to recruit. I’m not a people person. How am I supposed to be a leader? Isn’t everyone just going to make fun of me behind my back? It reminds me of the story of Moses and Aaron. Moses was afraid of public speaking, so he was reluctant. But, apparently, God thought that Moses could do it, otherwise He wouldn’t have asked in the first place. I don’t really mean to compare myself to Moses. I don’t know if this is what God wants me to do. This could fail miserably. And yet, I feel that I’ve got to try it.

When I heard that poor soul asking people about the… well, you know, I thought, ‘If she has the guts to put herself out there like that, why can’t I do the same for God?’ Why can’t I exhibit courage, passion, and determination in pursuit of a worthwhile goal? There’s no reason.

Come on. Let’s be “strong and courageous.” Let’s not care what anyone thinks. Let’s not apologize for our faith. Let’s go out there and show the world the love of God. 




3 comments on “Marching to the Beat of My Own Drum

  1. You probably have not seen this:

    You brought it to mind. =)

    I appreciate your Godward focus.

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