On Love and Stupid Infatuations

I’m not here to denounce love. If you love somebody and you want to marry them and have babies, then all power to you. That’s beautiful stuff. The trouble is, it doesn’t happen to all of us quite like that. 

Mind you, my experiences are severely limited as I have never been in a relationship before. But I have had way too many pointless infatuations. Not with celebrities thankfully, but other guys that were completely out of my league and, in most cases, very taken. I can tell you that some of these schoolgirl crushes were/are not harmless. I can’t explain to you exactly how it happened, but I feel that they hurt my very soul. There were times when I didn’t just fall for a guy, but I fell for an idea. An idea that he seemed to represent with his life. Ideas that would leave me at the mercy of sin and the pleasures of this world, ideas that sought to tear me away from God. 

You see, love isn’t always perfect, pure, and beautiful. Like anything, love can be perverted. I think this information is what our if-it-feels-right-do-it society is missing. 

Love for the wrong things can tear us away from God. 

But God loves us. God’s love is the only love worth anything. We can allow God to love us and we can love others with God’s love. Or we can use our “self-interested” or instinctive love. This is something that I constantly struggle with- how to show people God’s love. How to go  beyond the requirements of society and truly love someone. I don’t think that’s a question that can easily be answered. 



2 comments on “On Love and Stupid Infatuations

  1. cdukulele says:

    I try crushing the infatuations and focusing on God….but they keep managing to spring up. It’s a work in progress. Luckily most of these infatuations merely resulted in poems and songs…So…God can make good come out of anything, if you let him. 🙂

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