The One Thing You Thought You Could Trust

If you asked me, what is the one thing in the world that I can trust, if I thought about it, I suppose I would say something like God or the Bible.

That’s why I was so depressed this morning to read an article about how many translations of the Bible may not be all that reliable. I would encourage you to look over this article. I won’t say whether this stuff is true or, I have no idea. It seems a little biased, if it is not a complete exaggeration/fabrication.

I asked a friend about this, and she said that she doesn’t think it’s possible that God would allow the Bible, his perfect word, to become corrupted. Maybe this is true. After all, if the Devil is trying to subtly and systematically undermine the true message of the Bible in the most direct way possible, then he isn’t doing a terrific job. Most of the time, the thing that really tears us away from the truth is our own minds, not a faulty translation of the Bible.

Conspiracy or not, people all around the world are still learning about God and believing. That’s powerful. So you couldn’t quench the power of the Lord even if you wanted to. The power of His word will come out. But maybe just to be safe… get the King James!


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