In Case You Were Interested

Good news! I’m not getting expelled! Which I thought was highly unlikely anyway. Past disappointments teach us, over the years, to consider worse case scenarios and then proceed to agonize over them. I don’t know how to stop myself from agonizing over them, even though, in my heart, I know that it is fruitless. I suppose it just takes practice.

So the professor thinks I’m a freak, that’s a given. Will I ever be getting any letters of recommendation from him? No! Is my new fear to meet him walking down the path? Absolutely! Is my career still ruined? Possibly! Does it matter? No…

The important thing is that he doesn’t care that “I think I cheated.” Man, I feel like Spongebob in that one episode where he puts the walkie-talkie in his hat. Anyone know what I’m talking about? 

He doesn’t care! And he’s giving me a C! I was going to leave it at that, but I did send out a last ditch email to the TA’s. For what it’s worth. 

Good enough for me. My parents won’t be eating me for getting expelled from college. Yet.

Well, that’s all. In case you read my last frantic post



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