Tell Us What To Do, God!

Don’t keep us guessing anymore. How long do we need to wage theological and literal war against one another? How long do we need to wonder and stumble? Just tell us what you want! Tell us the correct interpretation of the Bible. Reveal to us which translations are the most accurate. Not not another parable, not another example! For Your sake, give us a list! That is what mankind needs, a laundry list for world peace and brotherly love!

We’re not trying to create unnecessary laws an rituals. We’re not trying to puff ourselves up (or are we?) We really, sincerely would like to understand. Just tell me what it is that You would like to see in the world. I’ll write a letter to the president.

Wait, You’re saying You already tried something like that, and it didn’t work? You’re saying that if You were more clear, we still wouldn’t listen? The world doesn’t really care what You want?


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