Essay About Jesus, and What in the World is Easter?

Why is it that writing an essay about Jesus (and Aeneas from the Aeneid) is the absolute last thing I want to do right now? I’m so exhausted and this is so tiring. I write about Jesus all the time, but I want to do it voluntarily, without having to think the whole time about how I’m going to get a bad grade on it. My goodness, what if everything I blogged about got a grade? That’s a scary thought. 

I should really finish this essay so I can celebrate Easter like a good Christian tomorrow. But what is Easter anyway? Is anyone else confused, or am I just crazy? How much of this paganish holiday can be taken seriously? Where’s the wheat and where’s the chaff? Not that there’s anything wrong with the Resurrection… but I don’t know, it seems a little bizarre to cram it all into one day. I wonder what God thinks about Easter. 



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