Feeding the Thousands, Numbers Awesomeness

Matthew 14:13-21

Matthew 14:32-39

All four Gospels mention at least the feeding of the five thousand, and the numbers agree! Why are these numbers significant? anything has to be important if it was remembered all those years after Jesus’s death when these were written.

What’s more, secular scholars think that Luke and Matthew didn’t even share information. Why isn’t it possible that this stuff actually happened!

Feeding the Five Thousand

5 loaves (5000) + 2 Fish = 7

12 baskets left over (like the 12 disciples)

5+7 =12

The Four Thousand

7 loaves

7 baskets left over


5 loaves + 7 loaves = 12 loaves

Twelve disciples. Twelve tribe of Israel.

Jesus’ flesh is our bread! (Matthew 26:26) Man does not live on bread alone! (Matthew 4:4) Manna from heaven! (John 6:32)

Turn these stones into bread. No! Matthew 4:3

So much imagery! So little time, the Son of Man is coming! 

God will give us all we need. Man does not live on bread alone (nor tofu alone either) The Word became flesh (John 1:14)!!!






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