“So You Say You Want a Revolution?”


One of the things that continually attract me to the Scriptures is, unfortunately, more literary and earthly than spiritual. 

That’s not to say that every time I open up the Bible I just get a rush of feeling. A lot of the time I read it with grudging. But you have to admit, no matter who you are, that there is a certain mystique to the Good Book. 

Things that have always fascinated me and tickled my fancy are motifs of secrecy, mystery, dissension, conspiracy, and revolution. Perhaps that is why devoured the novel 1984. I loved how Winston was hiding from Big Brother, but he wasn’t even safe in his own mind! I was on pins and needles! Now you know why my blog is called “underground voices.” I find this idea of working against society/government in secret so intoxicating! However, I’m not so much into revolutions that involve wars and riots. Once the cat’s out of the bag, I sort of lose interest in the whole thing. Like a feline, I enjoy sneaking around with my ideas. I want to covertly plant the seeds. The harvest sounds a little tiring if you asked me. 

I must admit, the End of the World also has a certain charm for me. Weird as it sounds, sometimes I hope it will happen in my lifetime. 

The Bible and 1984 are sort of on opposite ends morally, but I think you get the point. This is a Bible verse that always satisfies the secret agent inside of me:

Matthew 10:27-28

What I say to you in the dark, tell in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim from the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; rather, fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

Of course, what is really emphasized hear is the “proclaiming” rather than the whispering. But tell that to my foolish heart!

I do not doubt that the Lord made His Word interesting. Sometimes I do find the parables rather exciting and mysterious. Especially the ones about the treasure and the pearl in Matthew 13.

But it is wrong to dwell on this stuff! Don’t I know? The Bible wasn’t written to entertain me! Jesus did not preach on this earth and die a horrible death just to be my muse, to tickle my fancy, to pump a bit of adrenaline into my mundane existence! God forbid! 

Faith is nothing unless it is put into practice. Putting it into practice is not always glamorous. I doubt it will make you rich. I doubt it will make you feel as serene as you hoped; and I doubt it will be as exciting as you would like it to be. I often focus on the parts of the Bible that I find intriguing, but that is far from the whole picture. Blogging and covert activities are a mere drop in the bucket. What I’m really saying is that following Jesus’ commands ain’t going to suit your fancy all the time. You’re spirit might enjoy it, but your flesh will not. Following his commands will be boring, embarrassing, and nearly impossible at times. 

Jesus wants people who aren’t ashamed. He wants people who aren’t just coming along for the ride. He wants you and all of you to embrace all  that God is.  It’s not just the planting, it’s the harvesting. It’s not just the whispering, it’s the shouting. Not just the thrill of avoiding persecution, it’s not all Hollywood glamor, it’s hard work, it’s everyday life. It’s perseverance. It’s going against the grain, of course, it’s revolting against Satan and mainstream society. But it is also an act of following. Clumsily and awkwardly we prattle along, looking for His footprints in the sand. It is obeying earthly authority, when possible. It is an act of trust and humility. It is not individualism. 

The Bible isn’t fiction. It’s not something we’re supposed to read on a rainy day and think “Ah, that’s sweet” and then we put it back on the shelf. The Bible isn’t all that we want it to be, but in it is the only key to salvation. 









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