Being A Child in Christ

On Monday morning, I read the story of Lazarus from Luke 16, which always makes me feel sad for the rich man. I suppose it’s good for Lazarus though. A friend told me that the story of The rich man and Lazarus reminds her of the urgency of the Gospel- that if it is not preached, our friends will be subjected to Hell. I am not sure how else to put it. Anyway, this interpretation of the story really got me thinking. “This is no joke, this is serious business.This is no child’s play.”

Indeed, it’s not a joke. But is it really serious business in the same way that career maneuvering and paying bills is?

Lately, I’ve been stressed out about school. Which is nothing unusual for a college student. But like a child, I have also been worried about the pettiest and most trivial things when all around me the world is going to pieces. Someone laughed at me somewhat derisively today, and I got mad. My self esteem plumetted. I wonder what’s wrong with me, but I don’t often wonder what’s wrong with the world. I wonder why I have social anxiety, but why don’t I wonder instead how it is that Satan poisoned my soul so much that things like that bother me? My emotions are an asset to me as a writer, but I tell you, if I don’t control them they will be the death of me.

Lord, help me to put away childish things (1 Corinthians 13:11) while also being like a little child in terms of the kingdom (Matthew 18:4). Remind me to give my burdens to you instead of giving them to other people, who can’t take care of them without you. Humble me, but let me retain the wisdom that I have gained from you. Please free me from myself, I am my own oppresive task master. And please, please let me know that it doesn’t matter what people think. I always say that, but let me truly believe it this time, and let it manifest in everything that I do that I simply don’t care about anything but the Kingdom. And let anyone else who is reading this feel your peace and love, Amen


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