Why Do People Hate Christians?


Obviously, not all non-Christains hate Christians / Christianity. And the reasons that the haters hate are somewhat obvious. Yet the question still puzzles me.

From my experience, here are the main reasons for the hate/mistrust/indifference/revulsion:

1. Christians are hypocrites

2. They think they’re better than me because they’re going to heaven and I’m not; in other words, their ideas are self-indulgent rather than pious

3. They are simplistic, idealistic fools that I kind of want to punch in the face sometimes

4. Where was God when I needed him anyway?

5. I have my own religion, and therefore cannot accept Christianity and I want them to leave me alone

Okay, maybe I exaggerated and made light of the situation a little, but those are the main reasons as I understand it. But obviously, I don’t really know all the reasons since I am biased; and if you think I am wrong I would appreciate it if you told me the real reasons.

I’ve tried to make sense of all this, but I can’t. I would like to say that I enjoy persecution and being made fun of, but I really don’t, in part because I can’t always tell if I am being rejected for my beliefs, my personality, or a mysterious combination. And like the pathetic crybaby I am, I tend to take things very seriously at times. I pray to God that I will stop acting like a toddler who got their cookie taken away.

I would like to say that I don’t care what other people think. But that’s just not true. When people accuse me of being a hypocrite, I become completely convinced that I am. And because I am always thinking about how much of a hypocrite I am, I become reluctant to open my mouth. I am afraid my words will detract from the Kingdom. I am afraid my reputation will rub off on God and people will think He’s just like me. But most of all, I am afraid of what other people will think. I am afraid of being ridiculed, isolated, and mocked for my beliefs in the same way that I am occasionally ridiculed, isolated, and mocked for being who I am.


I would like to say that I don’t get very many angry comments on this blog because of its presentation of ideas… but is it really because I am being wishy washy? Or do I just not get enough traffic to rack up all those hate comments that other blogs get?

What an unfortunate situation this is! This is a psychological dilemma that I’m afraid I don’t have an answer to. It might help if I stopped being a hypocrite, but how is that to be accomplished?

And here’s another question: Do I really want to be a non-hypocrite? Of course, if you asked anyone, they would say that it’s better to not be a hypocrite. But to truly become a non-hypocrite, to dedicate yourself to every tenant and teaching of the Gospel sounds a little repellant. It sounds like I will be judged for that as much as I am judged for being a hypocrite. And frankly, it sounds hard. How about a spiritual nap?

Lord, protect me from the madness of the world, and these thoughts that never give me peace. I pray that I can lovingly forgive all those who have hurt me, and that I will not indulge in bitterness when people judge me. You are the ultimate judge, God, and as long as I serve You, the rest doesn’t matter one bit.







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