The Cynical Gospel Reader

My reaction to the first part of the book of John was, “Why is it so different?”

“Is this even accurate? Why did he turn the water into wine anyway?”

Not, “Praise God! Hallelujah another side of our blessed Jesus Christ! This little light of mine…”

I wish it was closer to the second reaction. 

“Why is Jesus going to Jerusalem so early? What did he turn the tables of the moneychangers twice, why is he doing it right now? Why didn’t the paralytic fall from the ceiling? Why does he say this? Why does he say that?”

But the fact is, once we start questioning one book of the Bible, wondering if it is completely accurate, then we have embarked on an extremely slippery slope and basically we will plunge headlong into disbelief. 

Losing faith just isn’t an option for me. I know that the true life cannot exist outside of faith. I have experienced enough to know this much. I can’t go back to that dark place. 

Then what do I do? Well, maybe I ought to stop trying to get Jesus on the witness stand. The fact is, if we are to believe that he is the son of God, then why isn’t it possible that he did many extraordinary things in his short time on earth? Maybe he did overturn the tables of the moneychangers twice. And I’m sure he was capable of being in two places at once. What are time and space to God? Didn’t God create them? Why does Jesus need alibis for us to believe him? Why are we so concerned with the logistics and we ignore the message? 

Of course, if you don’t believe that Jesus is the Son of God, then I suppose none of this makes any sense. I’m sure there are Christians that say things that make sense, but I suppose I’m not one of those people right now. If it seems that I am implying that the narrow view of the world that we call logic is an incomplete one, then call me crazy. I’m sorry for being so crazy. 

Actually, I’m not!


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