You Just Can’t Lie to God

It seems obvious. He’s God right? He knows everything. But do we always treat HIm like He knows everything?

Sometimes I hold things back from God, as if they’re not relevant to Him. Sometimes I struggle instead of simply getting off my high horse and asking Him a question.

What makes us do things like this? Why do we treat God as if He’s not God? Why do we think He doesn’t understand our problems, desires, passions, and fears?

“Sorry God, but I want to watch this TV show instead of reading the Bible right now, it’s just so good!”

Wasn’t God there when they shot the episode? Doesn’t God know how it ends? Didn’t he number the hairs of the head of the director? And yet, we treat him like some kind of ignorant backwoods yokel. Or maybe it’s just me who does that. 

We may feel that God just doesn’t know how awesome the world is. He doesn’t understand the extent of what He’s asking us to give up. Or does He? 

So maybe that’s the time that we lie, and hold back, and pretend, and give him the scraps and bones of our charmed existences. 

But you can’t lie to the Holy Spirit. It’s been attempted. Look at the story at the beginning of Acts Chapter 5. 

Lying and pretending aren’t good, but the alternative seems almost as repellent. Honesty? With a God who isn’t afraid to judge us straight to Hell? 

So we stuff those proverbial skeletons in the closet and slam the door shut, still panting as we slowly sink to the floor in shame. But it needs to be done. 

Does it really though?

Lord, I don’t love you at all hours of the day or even close. Lord, my thoughts are evil and full of deceit and pride. I don’t love you with all my heard and soul and strength. I love X,Y, and Z, as you know. 

My soul pants for you, but as soon as it becomes satisfied, it runs after something else. 

But I know that You exist, and, what’s more, I know that You are Good. At my best, I know that I must serve You. Let these truths fuel me for the rest of my life, let it consume me forever. 






One comment on “You Just Can’t Lie to God

  1. Derek says:

    Reblogged this on Eye School and commented:
    This is almost like a daily routine when it comes to choosing to do quiet times each day.

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