Letter to Satan


I know that we’ve had our differences… and that’s actually a good thing. The fact is, I’m with God. I know I told you this before; but I mean it even more this time. And you hate God, so I just don’t see how this is going to work…

Okay, listen you scoundrel. I know your tricks. I know how you like to get me all stirred up. I know how you like to get me angry at people in the name of God… but this isn’t done in the spirit of God. I know how much you like to distract me. I know how you thrive in fear and how you take pleasure in the misery that you make me inflict on myself. 

I know you like it when I take the easy way out. I know you like it when I get all complacent. That’s enough Bible reading. That’s enough restraint- just keep yourself from biting her head off is all. That’s enough compassion. That’s enough joy. But the fact is that it shouldn’t be this way anymore. 

I really feel that we’re growing apart more and more. I know we’ve tried to stay friends and hang out, but something just feels wrong. So I think it’s best if we call it quits. And please don’t try to find someone to replace me. I’m sure that they don’t need you. No one needs you. 

Nevermore Yours,





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