Satan and Society, In Bed


“It’s your life, do what you want to do.”

“As long as you don’t want to wholeheartedly serve God; that’s just weird.”

“You can pray if you think there’s going to be an earthquake, though.”

“Financial security is the basis. What can you do without financial security, financial security…”

“Money can’t buy happiness, just things that make you happier.”

“Buy stuff, buy stuff! Don’t buy that. Eat! Don’t eat too much though, or you’ll become fat and worthless.”

“If the moon is high and the feeling’s right, don’t let any of that superstitious God crap stop you from following your Heart.”

“Love humanity, sure. Don’t talk to too many strangers, that’s just weird.”

“Heaven help you if you drive too slow.”

“Everyone needs to get totally shit-faced at some point in their life, for the experience of it.”

“Be nice to your friends, but know in your heart that they are out to get you. But forgive them if it makes you feel better.”

“Stay away from that guy! If you talk to him his strangeness will rub off on you.”

“Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact with the guy holding the sign.”

“If you’re not happy in your marriage, who is?”

“The world is such a confusing place. Glean whatever joy you can from it and die peacefully.”

“Stupid, spoiled rich kid STAY AWAY.”

“If you die poor, it’s your fault.”

“Jesus drank wine, wine is alcohol, alcohol is a drug, therefore, Jesus did drugs too.”

“You friggen junkie don’t you know when to stop? You need to stop so you can get back our there and do your duty to the Economy.”

“Never, ever change, you are perfect and sinless the way you are, and if you don’t believe that, well, then maybe you’re not so perfect because you don’t ascribe to our PHILOSOPHY.”

“All religions are the same, really- outdated.”

“As long as you’re having fun, what could you be doing wrong?”

“I don’t think God would want you to completely change your life.”

“The ‘God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob” is rather violent and intolerant.”

“Don’t touch that remote!”

“Because if you work hard, you gotta play hard.”

“Be a good person, when it’s all said and done. Love your family, give generously, and you’ll feel better, you really will.”

“But have a little fun first, by all means ;)”

“Remember, don’t forget it- always follow your heart.”




The Two Edged Sword That is The Truth

“Tell the truth, honest is the best policy,” they say. “The truth will set you free,” they say. Well, who am I to contradict that? But the truth is just not fun. Think about it, why would the truth be pleasant? The things we do aren’t usually good and the things we think aren’t all that noble, so why would anyone want to disclose more embarrassing facts than absoulutely necessary for practicality and sanity? Isn’t one of the basic aims of humanity to make every effort to escape from the crueler realities of life, whether through the bottle, the screen, the crack pipe, or, in some cases, the book?

Don’t deny it. Denying it won’t get you anywhere.

One of the Ten Commandments is you shall not lie. “Fair enough” we think. “Surely no good can come out of lying. But why do I need to tell my neighbor about every skeleton in my closet, every secret fear and agony that haunts my soul?” So most of us don’t attempt to disclose that stuff. Because it’s only true- who really wants to hear all that? No one.

So then we try to be very judicious about what we reveal. Just yesterday I was covering up, oh, a pretty important trespass against someone. I thought it was okay, since I wasn’t really lying, at least a vast majority of the time, just withholding important information, that’s all. But I started to feel really bad about it yesterday. I would deliberate and deliberate in my head, endlessly. I’d come to the decision to keep up the charade, but I never felt good about the decision, so the process just repeated itself. The Golden Rule, that was my justification, the golden rule. It’s amazing how good the enemy is at helping you justify your wrong actions, even when you start to get that “sinking feeling,” which I believe is really God tapping you on the shoulder. So I tried putting myself in the shoes of the trespassee. I thought, “If I were them, would I really want to know?” Wouldn’t it be better if I just fixed it, saving them the heartache? Yet I came to realize the impossibility of rectifying the situation without them knowing about it. I suppose I sort of knew  it from the beginning, I just choose not to acknowledge it, since I was just so focused on trying to save myself. But anyway, back to the narration. So I asked for a sign, and I thought was going to wait a couple more agaonizing, guilt-ridden days. But then I got my sign, much sooner than I thought, which convinced me once and for all that the deception absolutely needed to end. And that was the moment that I came clean.

What can be learned from this story? Not necessarily that you need to tell people everything. Even if you were insane enough to want to do this, come on, you wouldn’t be able to. I suppose the lesson is that you have instincts, as a believer, and as a person. And if you’re anything like me, you’ll regret not listening to instincts (God’s whisperings)  more often than not, impeded my pride, laziness, or a myriad of selfish concerns. And then, you have to just stop beating yourself up.

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Funny, how just a few days ago, I would have told you that I didn’t care about certain things at all. “I have more important things to think about, like writing, my faith, school, etc.” 

But then arrived Temptation. I told him to go away, but I didn’t mean it completely. So he stayed in my presence, and I even led him on a little. He said, “Look, don’t you want this? Don’t you want that?”

I said, “Maybe, that does seem fun.”

“Yeah, it does, doesn’t it. Don’t worry about what He thinks. Your life would be so much easier without Him around.”

“Yeah, I guess it would. It wouldn’t be right, but…”

“Who cares?”

“No, no, no, no, get away. This isn’t what I really want. This isn’t what’s good for me. I mean, maybe I want it. Just for a little while, but… and why are you insulting Him? He knows what’s good for me.”

“But you know you want it now.”

“No, that’s base, that’s stupid, that’s superficial and wrong in every way. By common sense alone I know it to be false and vain and hopeless.”

“Why are you denying yourself. You know you want it. You know you like it.”

And he choked me with smoke and blinded me with mirrors.

“So I do want it, I do like it, but I can’t have it.”

“Maybe you could.”

“So what if I could? And I think I’m doing wrong just by admitting I like it.”

“But it’s the truth, and you can’t help it.”

“So, maybe I can’t help it. But I have a friend who can help me.”

“Oh, you do, don’t you? Your imaginary friend?”

“He’s not imaginary.”

“Maybe not, but he’s kind of a square.”

“God, God, please help me! Get rid of Temptation.”

“He’ll never hear you.”

“God, please, get rid of him. I want to only love You. Oh, God, don’t you hear me? Could I cry any louder? How long must I anguish with this awful creature and feed off his lies?”

“I hear you, daughter,” said God.

“Then please, get rid of him, why won’t you?”

“You must let go, first.”

“Well, it’s easier said than done.”

“You must let go, and hold on to me.”

“Oh, okay, okay then.”

“Are you ready?”