Confessions of a Closet Conservative

Yesterday, when I was looking through my purse, ladies, you know the necessity of rearranging the make-up and throwing out the wrappers every once in a while, I made an interesting observation. I had both a pocket Constitution and an evangelism booklet (which I haven’t used yet) in there. I would have had a Bible too, but for extenuating circumstances. Next thing you know I’ll be driving a Chevy, slinging guns, and listening to country.

Especially when I’m with ultra right-wingers, like the people in my family, I feel relatively progressive and moderate. I’ve always been somewhat upfront about being a Christian, but politically, not so much. If I admit that sometimes I’m not bursting with pride about being saved by God (which is ridiculous, right?) I’m more wishy washy when it comes to political things.

And maybe I shouldn’t get too fixated on one particular point of view, ideology, or party. I get annoyed when Christian conservatives wonder how Christian liberals can look themselves in the mirror, and vice versa. Would Jesus have been more of a Republican or Democrat? The question itself sounds impossible, narrow-minded, possibly blasphemous, yet that is how we think sometimes. We try to match our religion to our ideologies instead of matching our ideology to our religion.

But I’ll say right now that I am kind of conservative. Yes, kind of conservative. I’ll say it because I don’t want to be spineless. I’ll tell the truth. I believe in the free market and in the value of the dollar- but not the attitude of the dollar. I think abortion is the same as murder. I also don’t think that we should get involved in the Syrian conflict. Even if it is true that the Syrian government used the nerve gas and that the rebels aren’t basically the Muslim Brotherhood, the fact that there is doubt and a lot of money at stake should be enough to make us think twice. But apparently no one cares what I think.